ITA User Guide


The ITA matches your application requirements with the appropriate machining solutions.
The software selects the best available solution for your input application, provides cutting tool recommendations, cutting data, power requirements and productivity results for each solution option.

  • The screen is divided into two parts for your convenience: On the left side – input data, on the right side – output results.
  • Quick search option: insertion of only a few mandatory values enables results.
  • Takes into consideration default detailed data for the application and machine, with pre-inserted values that can be adjusted by the user.
  • Selection of up to 5 product family with up to 5 options for each product family.
  • Links directly to the catalog pages of the selected tool/insert.

ITA Support
If you have any questions or remarks regarding a technical or software issue, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on the “Support” icon and selecting “Contact Us”

Range Availability
At present, ITA software provides solutions for the most frequently used applications and is constantly undergoing additions, improvements and modifications. Use ISCAR's electronic catalog for solutions that are not yet available in the ITA software.


1. Features
    Entry and peripheral features
    Inputs and results features

2. Operation Guide
    2.1. Quick search – 3 steps to get basic results
    2.2. Advanced Search
      2.2.1 Tool Details
      2.2.2 Stability Details
      2.2.3  Machine Details

3. Features – Detailed
    3.1. Tool Tips
    3.2. "Minimize and Maximize Input" Section
    3.3. Tool and Inserts Picture/Video
    3.4.  Expand Information Parameters for Each Tool
    3.5. Catalog number
    3.6. Machining Power software
    3.7. Milling Radial Chip Thinning
    3.8. Productive Geometries
    3.9. Grade Optimizer

1. Features

Entry and peripheral features:
  1. Application Menu
  2. Settings Menu
  3. Sign in
  4. Link to E-Catalog
  5. Link to Offline Version (registration required)
  6. Link to Additional Tools
  7. Link to Support Center

Inputs and results features:
  1. Input command tabs
  2. Input data area, respective to the command tabs
  3. "Find tools" tab – Calculates and displays results
  4. "Reset" tab – Clears all input data
  5. Output results area
  6. "+" – Expands the detail list
  7. Maximize the number of options
  8. Save options – Choose option number and format, then download or send via e-mail
  9. Link to tool video/picture
  10. Link to insert picture
  11. Links to dxf, stp and E-catalog of the tool/insert
  12. Hide application menu

2. Operation Guide

1.Quick search – 3 steps to get basic results

Step 1

Choose and save the settings:
  1. Language
  2. Units

Step 2
Select desired application:

Step 3
Select the "Application Details" tab and enter values into the mandatory fields (Marked with red "*"):
Material, Ap, Ae. Click: "Find tools"
The results will be displayed
(More parameters are available for default replacement)

Click Find tools
Choose Material
Select material by 1 of 3 options
Insert Depth
Insert Width

2.Advanced Search

Advanced search always follows the quick search. Without filling in the mandatory fields, the following steps will not be activated.

1. Tool Details:
It is possible to set different options, such us: item type (solid or T.A inserts), tool diameter, tool designation, etc.

Example 1: Selecting a product family
Enter Tool details, Product family, "Select" and Find tools.
Recommendations with the selected product only will be displayed.

Select Tool details
Click on Find tools
Open the Product Family list window
Choose the Product Family
Click on Select

Example 2: Select "Solid Tools" only
Enter tool details and remove the checkmark from T.A. inserts.
Recommendations with solid tools only will be displayed.

Select Tool details
Click on Find tools
Remove the checkmark
from T.A.

2. Stability Details:
Adjust the pre-entered defaults when working under special conditions.

Example 1: Large Overhang
Enter Stability details and select Overhang, “Very long”.
Recommendations will be displayed.

Select Stability details
Click on Find tools
Select Very long

Example 2: Heavy interrupted
Enter Stability Details and select "heavy interrupted".
Recommendations will be displayed.

Select Stability details
Click on Find tools
Select Heavy interrupted

3. Machine Details:
Software Recommendations take the machine properties into consideration. Defaults are preset and can be adjusted by user.

Enter machine details – select adapter type, size and change values for machine power and RPM range.
Recommendations that take the input data into consideration will be displayed.

Default Data is shown

Select Machine and adaptation
Select the adapter Type
Select adapter Size
Select Machine Power
Select RPM range

3. Features – Detailed

1. Tool Tips

Mouse over parameter
Tool tip will be displayed

2. "Minimize and Maximize Input" Section
Click Arrow ">"
Increase number of tool recommendations for each product family will be displayed.

Click again and return to original screen.

3. Tool and Inserts Picture/Video

Click on the icon and Tool Video
or Picture will be displayed
Video icon
Picture icon

4. Expand Information Parameters for Each Tool
Click on the "+" sign (Tool, Insert, Estimated cut. cond.)
An expanded number of information parameters for each tool will be displayed.

Click on the "-" sign to return to original screen.
Normal View
Extended View

5. Catalog number
Use E-Catalog icon to search for tool/insert in CMS – ISCAR Electronic Catalog.

E-Catalog icon

6. Machining Power software
Click on Tools and choose Machining Calculators in order to enter Machining Power software.

7. Milling Radial Chip Thinning
Click on Tools and choose Milling Radial Chip Thinning in order to review if there are better recommended settings for the given operation.

Selection of Metric or Inch units
Input values area
Outputs recommended input
Visual Information

8. Productive Geometries
Click on Tools and choose Productive Geometries in order to find ISCAR equivalent to given geometry.

Click to find Iscar equivalent
Language Selection
Select known parameters

9. Grade Optimizer
Click on Tools and choose Grade Optimizer in order to find ISCAR equivalent to given grade.

Click to find Iscar equivalent
Language Selection
Select known parameters

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